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Hard Work and Music.

The first day for quite a while I chose not to go fishing on a calm day. Planned this yesterday as I took 100 creels back home with me for washing today.


So the usual wakening up by the house martins in the garden meant an early start. Down to the pier to land prawns to the Inn and Loch Ness Inn. Before that it was in the engine room to change oil and top up water.


Have to say that the 136 hp Caterpillar is still going like a dream. Hardly any water usage  and the oil stays at the same level after 8 years, hoping for another 8. Up the road,


noticing the reflections as you passed the shoreline at the Chamain, and organised the prawns and stopped for a little while with chef while he prepared some turbot just in.


Back down to the pier for three hours of washing. This is where the new ipod is invaluable, although my ears have never fitted these ear phones and annoyingly keep falling out. Bad design or wrong ears?

Busy little place today with David and Gary working on the Blue Mist, broken down since last saturday, the dreaded diesel virus found in the tanks. Back in the afternoon to refit tanks and flooring. Meanwhile Tim and Anne arrive from Coilligillie to pick up some roofing materials.


Mentioned he saw some 20 of my bees over checking out his old hives and had a wee chat about what was going on. There are lots of bright red pollens going in just now. George turns up checking out the broadband equipment and stops for a chat and it seems to be going well with almost all the installations completed on phase one and now waiting for the go ahead on the CBS application to carry out the rest of the installations hopefully by autumn. Chris appears and discusses his mooring pickup buoy and attaching a second painter for his dingy. Almost forgot Keith turned up to chat about his mooring and how we plan to work on it next week. Don’t really know how I managed to wash 100 creels, mend 50, rope up 20 and get the Varuna sorted out for an early start tomorrow. Just had time for a quick shower and arrived as the evening was kicking off and that is exactly what it did and all night. The rain finally arrived and meant that the outside tables were not being used so it was everyone crammed inside. Great night for craic and atmosphere although we did struggle at times to keep a handle on it. Missed a seafood linguine for a big order and screwed the kitchen for a wee while but all ended well with many compliments sent in the direction of the kitchen. A room cancellation meant a couple from Brazil and Austria got lucky and thought everything was wonderful, could not understand how there were so many people in the middle of nowhere. Music was everywhere today as the Ceilidh Trail hit town in the afternoon and Tarnybackle were well under way with their set by the time I left at the back of 11. Music is so important and I had just put the ipod on songs. Blair Douglas tune came on as I was looking across to Camusterrach.


His Baigh Uige was just the perfect sound for the scene and despite all the guys on the pier solitude and tranquility is always there. Back to the Inn and the mayhem continued till, and after, I left. I have never been to a place where you sit at a table, have your starter and as you wait for your mains a guy comes up to you and asks if it is alright if you move to a table at the other end of the bar because the band want to start playing music at their table. Every one else wants them to play as well so that’s what happens. Had an on going banter with the lady on table D who had wanted them to play an hour earlier but eventually I ran out of excuses. Asked John when they were going to start and the bit I can print was, “When we are ready”. Just stopped myself asking when would that be. She got to hear them before she left.


The best of it is no one minds and they just make a joke of it, enjoy their food and everything about Applecross. We are all better people for it and it is so much easier to be nice, appreciative and helpful to each other. The rewards are immense. Tonight’s ice cream included a new elder flower and apple sorbet. Signing off with Gerry Rafferty’s Days Gone Down. A day of good, honest hard work and music.

Comments on: "Hard Work and Music." (4)

  1. basketbob said:

    Brilliant! Julie and I run a folk club here in Dereham, and frequently have to ask people if they’d mind moving. When they realise there’ll be some music, they always seem happy to comply. :0)

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Yep, can’t be doing with “posh” places where everything is proper. That’s the beauty of Apx Inn is you do not know what is going to happen next.

  2. I used to have the same problem with earphones till I got ones with hooks that go over your ears to prevent them falling out. £3.99 out of Tesco in Dingwall. Changed my life.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      They were an emergency set as my fitting ones had packed in. Don’t see why they make them in an ear mould shape.

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