A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Sunshine in Squatland.

Tuesday was one of those satisfying and tiring days at sea. Interesting start with a bank of fog mainly to the south and over to Raasay.


The fish farm well boat making its way north up the Sound Heard on the news that the Mallaig/Armadale ferry was off for a while because of the fog.


On mornings like these you know that the fog is going to burn off and the sun comes through but every day is different. To the south it was not long till the Cullin shows itself in her finest.


Until the last fleet it was flat calm with a little breeze getting up at the start of the afternoon. nothing great on the fishing front but steady enough for keeping them on the menu board. Managed to get in before they ran out. The fishing is not showing much promise this year and that is apparent by the lack of boats out north of the Crowlins. A lot of gear is being washed and some boats have gone to the Dog Whelks. Regulars are still on the go and I often think that I am so glad to have down sized as I could survive on some boats fuel bills now a days.


Tom came down in the evening dropping off Sky and to Toscaig with his chickens to Sara and Aron. Tom and Lesley are off down south to see their Aron who is not at all well and all one can say is thoughts are with the family. Looking after Sky is the least one can do and Dougal already thinks she is a fine playmate.


Jenny and Eilidh on the other hand…..


After picking up Mark at the Inn in the morning it was off out to another calm day, again the fog burning off by mid day. He is not having the best of luck at the moment and the latest is that his scooter is heading south for a major rejig with the batteries and the result being they may be coming back with lead acid as opposed to lithium cutting back his rechargeable mileage from 30 down to 10 miles putting his journey at risk. Having passed his £6000 mark in Applecross he is now close to or even over the £7000 now. www.aroundbritain As Mark has a bad leg it was fortunate that the northerly breeze did not start-up until we were heading in. A little surprised by the last two fleets as they were up on the hard ground at Sand and the squats have suddenly decided they are hungry.


So tailing was the order of the day all the way home. I always have the boat washed down by the time I have picked up the moorings….not today and it was inside St Island before I had finished up. Again a beautiful afternoon in the sun.


Hard but satisfying shift at the Inn and as it was still a hot sun in the evening,stopped to buy a baseball cap at the shop as sunstroke prevention. Very pleasant customers, but who would n’t be on an evening like that in Applecross. Got chatting to the family from Aberdeenshire from a farm called Rothiebrisbane who at one stage supplied the butcher, Sandy, who was out on the Varuna on Monday. Great conversation about real local food and about how folk have been brainwashed into a super market way of life where they have every thing at their finger tips and if it is not they complain. Visitors sometimes are disgruntled when there are no prawns on the menu. Say they travelled 500 miles as if that is enough for the gales to cease and for the prawns to magically appear. As Will said “sometimes the sun does not shine”. Lovely Italian couple ate crab and mango, langoustines and scallops but could not have ice cream and asked me to tell Aron that they would be back tomorrow. As Aron and Sara were outside I introduced them and Sara, fluent in Italian, came along. Saw they were really getting along and still there about half an hour later….turns out that the lady from Italy was a criminal profiler, Sara having proof read so many Scandinavian Noir novels was fascinated to have met one finally in real life. I had already introduced her to a resident who was reading Jo Nesbo’s Phantom. Only at the Applecross Inn.

Glad not to be fishing to-day, giving the prawns a little more time to find the bait and climb into the creels. Exhausted by the time I made it home at 10.30pm and perfect relaxation was a taste of Aron’s new lime sorbet while watching a re run of The Crow Road on BBC4

Comments on: "Sunshine in Squatland." (2)

  1. Kenny MacQueen said:

    Aye their no cheap to run these days Ali!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Aye you are right Kenny. 2000 we bought our first diesel load at 18p a litre, 13 years later it was 78p and it is not going to stop. Not giving up yet though!!

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