A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Little busier last night at the Inn but we got it together despite the variables we had to deal with. One group of bikers arrived unexpectedly, expected next week. But as there were three it was just ok and accommodation was resolved but then the mention of another on the way….That was sorted as well although hearing that the fourth guy on a Kawasaki was trying to get here as fast as possible you were willing him to be safe, serving him at 10.30pm alive would have been no problem rather than any rush causing an accident. All was well. Very occasionally I mention a grumpy customer but we broke her down after three visits and she left with a broad smile and many thanks!!. Star of the evening for me were a German couple who had an accident 3 miles north of Ullapool, ended up with no injuries but fairly badly damaged car. They told me this story after they had eaten langoustines and haddock and drank a couple of bottles of wine. They said coming to the Inn had been the perfect antidote to their day as they were so relaxed and the atmosphere food and welcome were “beautiful”. Met them this morning and after calling off Dougal’s welcome, helping them get diesel they reiterated what they had said last night. Coming from Essen they kept saying what a beautiful place this was and this them having a very unpleasant road experience. Hopefully the memories of the “beautiful evening” will be stronger than their accident. She was already saying that it was a piece of metal that can be sorted. Always reinforces the thought that the service industry is so undervalued and looked down on. I see it as one of the best vocations out there as you have the ability to “make people’s day”. Making an honest contribution to people’s well being, there is little more you can ask for in life because it always comes back to you…”the circle of life”

Mark Newton on his www.aroundbritainchallenge.org.uk/ has been stuck in Applecross since the 25th of June. He was coming up the Bealach and at the second hairpin his motor burnt out on his mobility scooter as he was towing his mini caravan with his two cats. Seems the spread of 30amps each to his trailer and his scooter ended up being 60amps to his scooter.


Result burnt motor.


Kishorn Mechanicals called into action and yesterday the scooter was back in place only for Mark to find that his battery has cells down and he is still in limbo. He is using Skype, following instructions, diagnosing the problem. Our Community Broadband being a very helpful tool for Mark.


He is well behind schedule time wise although he is enjoying the food and atmosphere of the Inn. Taking him out on the Varuna next week. It is a busy week as Robert is out as well with a couple of butcher friends. Forecast remains very good after tomorrow.

Very conscious of energy use these days and burning fallen timber is one way of contributing in a small way to lessening the carbon footprint of the Schoolhouse.


Already got an air to air heat pump which is working well and by the end of the summer plan to have thermal panels on the roof. Most of the older houses on the peninsula are hard to heat an insulate and innovative ideas are being sought to overcome these problems. The Community Company has been involved right at the start in trying to make Applecross a little more carbon neutral by looking at setting up the hydro scheme, using the excess power generated locally, trying to set up a sustainable wood fuel chain, this has been very hard to implement, while at the same time providing information through the Applecross Energy Efficiency programme to reduce bills and hence reduce carbon impact. www.facebook.com/ApplecrossEnergyEfficiency The next event is at the Clachan where a talk about Moving Forward from Ash Die Back will be given by Dr Sophie Williams from The Royal Botanic Gardens. This takes place on July 18th at 7.30pm.

Since getting my bees from Audrey last year focusing on the Applecross environment is in danger of becoming a bit of an obsession like ice cream. There is something happening everywhere you look , there always was but now I am looking. Noticing a big year for thistles and, before well so what, they are a nuisance, but now I know they are an important source of food for the bees.


Done it myself but not good to see many of the ones close to the Beechwood pass broken by passing walkers.


Comments on: "“Beautiful Evening.”" (6)

  1. Your blogs get better and better Ali. We just never can guess what will be in the next instalment. What an amazing place Applecross is for the unexpected …..and the unsuspecting!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Aahh you are so kind with your comments, but it is an amazing place and when you look around there is so much going on. Cheers again.

  2. I just LOVE these reports!!!!

  3. Applecross Energy Efficiency are delighted for the mention and very glad that you are actively doing your bit to use energy in a responsible way. It may sometimes seem that individual efforts are lost within the mass consuming nature of the world today, but as a community I am sure we can pull together to make a difference on the Applecross Peninsula.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      The more you get involved in community “stuff” doing it together feels so much better. You do get over whelmed by the scale of the problem but not an excuse not to do anything about it. More power to AEE.

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