A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

I am some one who has no trouble sleeping but this morning being woken up at four in the morning by sheep and their lambs bawling outside the window was no joke. As they were not for moving it was up and an extra treat for Dougal and Co. Time to encourage Dougal that he really can be a sheep dog. Rounded up the flock easily enough and headed of down the road to Culduie where they belonged. In theory they should not even be there but out on the hill grazing for the summer but over the last 30 odd years the crofting rules have been ignored in the south townships. Very quickly stopped being cross as a walk along the Camusterrach shoreline, listening to the seals puffing and blowing, peewits and oyster catchers calling, and watching a family of otters playing on the water’s edge must be the anti dote to a lot of what we call stress in our lives. Met a crofter on the way into the house and we had a little banter about my walk and we both agreed the sheep were not to blame. There is very little for them to eat on their own patch so obviously they are heading for the better tended and run neighbouring township. Think when it is so early and the mind is so active many things go through your head and how we live our lives always impinges on some one else’s and I am sure I’ve bothered a few people over the years, always inadvertently must be said and hopefully that makes a difference. And to be quite honest I would not have had the experience of the walk this morning. Only thing now is I can’t get the song with the first line lyric “It’s four in the morning” out of my head. By Faron Young I believe. Quick look on fb and a poem by Rod Macfarlane caught my eye and hope he does not mind me repeating the last verse as it tied in with what I had heard yesterday on Radio 4.

I leave you with one question

Who dies by the mortar or gun?

It is not the statesman in government

It is some one else’s mother’s son.

This and seeing a crowd funding invitation to the making of the film The Spirit Level it feels as though I have had a full day already. So 5.30am and I might as well go and catch a prawn.

On the way past Culduie, just a thought but the new cattle grid being put in the side road should really be on the main road to keep all the sheep to the south. No one is really sure the purpose of putting it on the Culduie road.


Still morning to go fishing.


Apart from a couple of foul ups, to do with the tide running at the moment rattled round 350 creels and was ashore by the back of one. Because I was out so early counted 32 skuas around the Varuna. The most I have ever seen before has been 12.


It was genuinely quite extra ordinary and as more boats appeared they split up. One fleet up by the Range was certainly worth hauling but still very little quality prawns being caught.

After a quiet recovery afternoon went to a shift at the Inn and it was a lot quieter than previous weeks and the evening ended with a nice view of the sun over the Bay followed by a scoop of lemon curd and rum and raisin.


I noticed on Paul’s End of the Road Blog the chappie on the scooter and caravan…well he is in Applecross and waiting for a new motor for his scooter.



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