A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Yesterday was a chill out day but even that did not finish until 1.00 am. Spent the morning walking the dogs and working in the garden, mainly tidying up last year’s mistakes and imagining what it is going to look like when it is all finished. I have the bees as background this year on the warmer days and find it genuinely comforting. Might be in a wheelchair by then but as long as I can see. The afternoon was a strict “do nothing” as I was down for working a shift and then heading through to Inverness to pick up Kenny of the Glasgow train at 11.10 pm. Another fine night at the Inn and it was a little quieter in that we had a couple of spare tables for ten minutes and only a list for two couples. Driving back in the closest I have come to a snow storm kept the concentration up and we made it back home about 1.00 am. It has been a good week for meeting lots of different people. Coming home on Friday afternoon from the fishing I found a post card outside the front door. It was from the guys staying in the holiday house next door thanking me for the attention they got at the Inn earlier in the week and the food and Dougal got a mention in the dispatch as well.


Simple appreciation but worth so much. You cannot pay for kindness and that was the theme for the week at the Inn. I have lost count of the handshakes, hug and comments from people who have enjoyed themselves so much, most I will never see again but they all leave a mark. It was more of the same today. Again not so busy but on the go all day. Possibly the highlight of the afternoon was the visit from the Macraes of Kintail. They were a brilliant trio of octogenarians with fifty year old son driving. The Clan Garage in Kyle was the tag and one lady mentioned she was a teacher out in Harris in the 50s not far from where my own family originated, around Cluer and Stockinish. Stories of going to the prayer meetings, being the teacher, with the animals in the next room. Turns out  a cousin of one lady’s father was a Bob Hardy who owned the Applecross Inn before and after  WWII. Before they were half way through the meal they were already planning coming back for their next birthday celebration on the 9th of May. I think that was an 88th. The Crannachan was hailed as the best they had ever had and I was assured they had many. On the way out, which took quite a while, as they stopped to sing along with the Lochcarron musicians “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and trying to get them to sing Kishorn Commandos. Eventually it was into the car but only after a photo shoot. Hopefully some one will let me know more about the ladies.


Couple of other arrivals caught the eye. Not sure about the colour scheme.


Always slightly chaotic when the musicians arrive as the lunch sitting is still going but it always works out and the music is played and every one gets a seat. And as you maybe see it rained in Applecross today.


A lovely quiet chat outside with Mike, meeting Hamish and Sheila for the first time in about ten years, more music, a break and a Dougal walk and the afternoon was over. Back up for more. Again a little card from Mike thanking us for thinking about him. These notes, cards appreciations are everything. Seamless evening, but there is always some one who makes a connection and this time it was the Aussies mother and daughter from Sydney on their three-month tour, stopping off in Applecross and thoroughly enjoying their evening, just good company and lots of laughs. All it needed to finish the shift was a fine plate of squat lobsters and crab with mango in a lightly curried mayo served with salad and bread. The North Korean crisis seems so far away at the moment.

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  1. Brave to take those vehicles over the pass at this time of year! I see one has a camera on the rollbar, no doubt destined for youtube. Which prompts me to ask – are you aware of any organised motoring comps (trials/rallies etc) taking place on the pass? I am interested in anything motorised – the older the more interesting.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I took a booking for 16/20 people wanting evening meal as part of a vintage car rally this week. I’ll check the date tonight if I remember.

      • Thanks for that – what I am really looking for is anything historical, particularly events which might have taken place up to the sixties when the world was a less safety conscious place. Much like Rest and be Thankful, the pass would have been an ideal location for this sort of thing: http://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=2120

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        There is a book in the pub about trial biking in Scotland in the 20s. I’ll maybe get a hold of it and scan some pics of the Bealach and bikes. They were lined up on the Street and pic taken in 1926.

      • Excellent, thanks, very interesting. Sounds like justification for a research trip – any excuse 🙂

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        Who needs an excuse. Another blue sky day, landing prawns, walking dogs and salting herring. Another day in paradise.

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