A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland


It is hard to capture the east wind that whipped out of the moorings for three days now turned to a northerly breeze blowing and although able to fish have decided to take it easy and catch up a little ashore. Started work on  some new ex fish farm float raised beds on the east side of the garden that still looks very scrappy due to lack of digging. The last three evenings have been taken up with lots of meetings and that means minutes. I am only involved directly in taking the Community company ones and know that it is time-consuming and fairly tedious and if read by some people in Applecross usually wrong even if they were not at the meeting. A very strange phenomenon as I thought they were a minute of the meeting and how could anyone who was not there know if they were not accurate. Working back, last night we had a discussion about the previous meetings minutes brought up by some one who was not there about inaccuracies and the theme was really about use of words. The minutes were deliberately moderated to try to ease a tricky situation but for some people who did not know the background they were still too forceful. Do you write minutes that honestly show up some very silly actions or in a small place try to be low-key and hope solutions are found to the problem. I thought the second was in place. A previous night ‘s meeting there were comments about minutes and the ACC’s minutes were brought up at a meeting where we did not even discuss or approve minutes for the meeting we were in. Crazy place I live in, but would not live anywhere else. My take on minutes are that hardly anyone reads them twice unless they disagree with them and then they just fade away. I remember reading a cyclist forum when there was a little contention about road closures and the Council’s minutes were read by people not from here that did not know the place and were only read to ridicule the place and people, You canna win, and as long as you know that it does not really matter. The ACC Board Meeting was a two-hour agenda of full on actions, two of our new employees attending and giving us a breakdown of what is, and going to happen, regarding energy and broadband. The Hydro Scheme is going really, really well and CES are very excited about our progress. There is more interest and enthusiasm outside the community at the moment but maybe as building starts people will realise that what is happening is pretty momentous for the community. Work on the toilets is under way as well and they have been surveyed and we now have an architect on board with old Applecross connections. I think some of the current angst is we are going through a period of change and it is quite unsettling, possibly with referendums on the horizon and so much disinformation out there it is making people who want a quiet life uneasy. So it was with this unsettled feeling with which I set off this morning heading south for a change with Dougal and family.


A simply stunning day to sort the jumble in the head. A walk in Applecross must be the equivalent of an hours meditation. Looking across to Ardhu will the Skye hills in the background was jaw dropping. Had a Scandinavian feel about it.


Walking round the Caman there are almost always herons working the edge of the tide. Have to get my teleconverter as they are very wary birds.


Further round the Ardhu flock are put on a Dougal alert.


At the end of the road after a wee chat with Wendy, sitting out in the sun with the barn to her north, the view across to Ardban catches the eye.


Back home after this five-mile meditation things are in a better place and a shift in the Inn did the rest of the healing. Lovely evening with every one seeming to enjoy themselves. All but one room full and the Jane and Veg crew in. Met up with a couple on a celebratory tour of the highlands after graduating as medics. Eating a fish and chips at the end of the shift chatted some more to them and mentioned that a couple of boys were so different from the other two and Flick said that was like she and her sister and I mentioned twins I knew from just north of Oban who were so different, one being a medical student and the other being very “arty’ and had not decided what to do yet. Next thing was that Flick turned to Gary and mentioned that was like guys they knew and mentioned a couple, Pat and Fedor…..turns out we were talking about the same twins and they had just graduated with Lizzie last week. “Strange scenes in the gold mine” as we used to say. It seems quite strange talking to a couple for the first time in your life and finding such a close connection. Pat and Fedor sold us the schoolhouse fourteen years ago. The Applecross Inn, “ya canna beat it”. I obviously tried to recruit them to stay and work here as we have GP problems again with Dr Dan being offered a position in Kazakhstan that he could not refuse. So this started as a moan about people moaning about minutes and as usual ends up realising that we live in such a beautiful part of the world that these moans are meaningless. We also had a visiter from Raasay staying with us last night and they have the same problems over there about their minutes and agendas. Makes you feel less picked on.

Comments on: "Why are Minutes Sooo Important?" (4)

  1. The mountains look stunning. I have had a similar issue with minutes – when I can get away with it I restrict them to simple decisions and actions. Now isn’t that helpful – advice from a nosy outsider 🙂

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      All advice gratefully received. Talked about it in pub last night and its a universal issue but it was good to blog it although I have n’t been out today!!

  2. Christine Goetz-Catto (nee Murray, Camustiel!) said:

    thanks for wee walk around the Caman! took me back to when we used to walk there to go up the river to the lochs – fishing for brownies

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Hi Christine, hope alls well with you. It was a cracking day, good for clearing the head. Just waiting for weather to settle down for a bit of fishing.

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