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Email to Rick Stein.

Something I have never done before and that is email a celebrity chef. Although I confess to having never seen the program, Rick Stein’s Spanish Christmas caught a couple of people’s attention in Applecross. His Spanish friend was putting together a christmas meal she would normally have in Spain and it included langoustine in the seafood platter. Unfortunately the langoustine was heavily laden with berries and it was good to hear that was immediately picked up. So after a couple of days not thinking too much about it I went ahead and sent him an email last night. Very polite I think and explaining that although in a very small minority we put back the berried langoustine in the hope they will survive and release their eggs for future fishermen to catch. Have to say I got a good reply back from his PA saying although he is busy at the moment with new book etc but will reply when convenient. I had pointed out that the main problem is the buyers. If there is a market the fishermen will fill it to the detriment of the stock and sometimes the “market” has to take a responsible position and say we do not want to take part in the continued decline of a fishery. Feel out on my own on this one as a lot of fishermen have completely differing views on this subject but, hey, not the first time this year.


These prawns stayed only very slightly longer on board,for the photo shoot, than other berried langoustine caught by the Varuna. We shall see if anything comes of it.

The weather has been spectacular the beginning of this week, today not so good with it being a bit dreich and an easterly gale blowing but have to stop now and wrap my secret santa pressie and head for the Inn and will leave you with yesterday morning leaving the moorings.This is showing to the north west so it is what you would call surround colour. The scruffy boat has already been spotted and is on the list.


Busy day today which is another post. Maybe even after The Secret Chappie is all over.

Comments on: "Email to Rick Stein." (5)

  1. it is so refreshing to hear the way you speak about your work, or should i say your life, Alasdair. You have generations of knowledge of ‘your’ bit of sea and i can see that you would like to leave a better place than what you found. It is a pity that every loch didn’t have a good ‘shepherd’ like yourself. 🙂 To listen to a fisherman, with the vast wealth of your experience talk like that takes me back to the values i was brought up with.
    It is not often heard nowadays. i take my hat off to you.
    Sounds like i am saying that all fishermen apart from yourself are bad, of course i’m not. i know many that would echo your words. Sea crofts. Is that the way ahead? It makes sense to me.
    p.s. that photo from the boat is an absolute winner, btw.


    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I am always aware that my views may not coincide with other and maybe younger fisher men who are in different financial constraints than I am. Also happy to be contradicted and also its worth saying when I was younger I fished in a different way than I do now. I probably make less money but am so much more contented in doing it this way, maybe it is just an age thing. It is a few years since I realised that the best fisherman is not the one that catches the most fish but the one who is happiest catching the least. That way lots more people can catch a little. Thanks very much for your positive comments. That is another thing I have learnt over the years, it is so much easier making people happy and being positive and it works both ways.Cheers again John.

  2. Keith Crazy cat said:

    My daughter is a vegan and therefore soy milk is a great to make a sauce u know this a quick feed for her when she pops in, mushrooms heated in a pan with only pepper and salt and thyme no fat get them dry and nutty and spitting thyme then remove from heat add olive margarine, and garlic, let the mushrooms suck up the flavors BACK ON The heat season add soy milk stir it in then udon noodles mix through , it’s ready , and not that heavy cream youknow wine and speck and a roux and pasta this is a bit more refreshing still with those flavors

    • Keith Crazy cat said:

      P.s. use refrigerated us in noodles don’t bother with boiling water and just open pack and Chuck them in let them separate then mix through

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