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A Week and a Day

A gap between the last but one post and two posts in a day is explained by my computer going away to the doctor for a week and getting a drive mechanism replaced and a good clean up in the bargain. Something I have normally never done is make little headings of what goes on and even I am surprised at what one can pack into a week and a day.



Working back from this morning when I nipped out to the boat to get some prawns for a customer, who was heading back to Findhorn, I could not help but stop and take some snaps of a beautiful morning, the Waysgoose is the only pleasure boat left on her moorings as all the others are ashore for the winter at Kishorn and looking across the  bay to Camusterrach and beyond….yep it will do. A place to live for. Today’s shift was fairly uneventful but still met a guy who is involved in controlling deer numbers for the Forestry Commission, a French teacher, a pub owner from Killin and Joan was in for her 91st birthday lunch. Finished the shift with a magnificent venison casserole cooked by the boy. Only trouble is one is prone to sleep for a couple of hours after that. Yesterday was full on as the morning was taken up by chopping logs and then getting a call to pick up the computer from Kyle. Bit cheesed off by having to drive over the Hill for this but the scenes were simply magnificent and it was almost worth the trip for the scenes alone..




Just had to stop on the Hill to take it in both at the Slips and again on the other side below the Cioch Nose. I know several mates who have gone up there but for me it is just for looking at. Don’t need the extra thrill of going on it. Another stop was needed driving above Auchtertyre and looking across to the south-west at the hills in the low slanting sun, just tingling scenery and not a lot else matters in the moment.

IMG_0986So it was back to the Inn for the evening and Donalda’s birthday party. This meant a mini bus of Kyle and Dornie people coming for a meal and a bit of craic. Our little problem was how to get everyone seated where they wanted but as usual it all worked out. The meal went like a dream as usual with only the one mistake of an extra haggis instead of a missing garlic mushrooms, but kitchen quickly to the rescue. The evening was what life is about, Ian Ruariadh on the pipes,Donalda and Johnny’s daughter on the box with Sandy surprising everyone with a tune as well. After the meal was cleared and the banter got going it was good to reminisce about the fishing, growing up, fathers now gone, the early Applecross Games visits and by the end of the evening knowing who everyone was. Great to see all leaving happy and content having had a good night out and knowing the Hill was clear so the drive back was safe and not too long.

Thursday involved another trip out, to Kyleakin this time to give blood. Seems O negative is what everyone can take although going by recent events over here I would not be surprised if a few people would refuse mine!!! Managed a couple of days out fishing this week but crashed on friday….maybe as a result of giving blood the day before. Had a chat with John as usual when giving blood and bit of banter about the recent press attention. Interesting to hear everyone’s take on what has happened based on what they have read and heard.

Tuesday involved a busy old day with me dropping Dougal and his mum at the vet where as a result of a couple of operations there will be no more little Dougals. Then through to Inverness, visit to legal chaps and then off to CES in Dingwall where I was interviewed by Amy for the Applecross hydro scheme as a case study for other groups. All the progress and problems so far and as always it is good to talk through these matters with guys from the outside and getting objective but helpful views are always good. Went off to visit my aunt Sybil who is in Dingwall now and still smart as ever coming up to 90.Reminds me of a story told to me years ago about my uncle Robert who was teacher here for many years and was well-respected but old school/ no-nonsense. A young pupil was asked to point out where Australia was on the globe atlas they used to have and he, not having a clue, randomly pointed to anywhere and this turned out to be roughly Skye. Robert then took him by the ear and showed him where Australia really was and then led him to the window and pointed out to where Skye was and then back to the globe. Picked up Dougal and his mum from the vet and off home, both looking a bit sorry for themselves.



The Community Company news keeps on coming with a housing surgery held at the Hall sponsored by the Community Council and, although you think you know the problems we are facing there is always a doubt, but as it turned out it was one of the busiest surgeries in recent times there is no longer any doubt we have a housing problem. Still does not mean that we aim to build a 100 houses!!! The CBS announcement was last week and it is now official that Applecross has been chosen as one of the six communities in Scotland to find ways to increase broadband width. The fact that we have set up a pilot scheme was a factor in winning this position. This week coming Alison is off to Edinburgh to make a presentation to the Transport Fund for a Community Company funding package to rebuild the Coal Shed pier and keep timber lorries off the north Coast road. Another funding package will be announced this week as well.

In amongst all this activity was a pool competition where the highlight was Roddy “Rocket” going down in the second round to Laura of Camusteel. Quiz competition was held after the steak night, fantastic rib eye,stuffed mushrooms and surf and turf…you canna beat it.

On the political front, a strange letter appeared in our local magazine which was unfortunately unsigned. It did not make much sense but as this is an a positive upbeat post I’ll leave that to another time. I have actually found it quite humourous with much irony in the whole situation, talking about “The Unconsulted”, but more later. It’s Match of the Day now and then back to books. Dougal has recovered and is bouncing again.

Comments on: "A Week and a Day" (2)

  1. I am not sure following your blog is going to do my sense of contentment with a life in ‘mild’ Northumberland any good. The photos just make me want to be in the northwest!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It is very photogenic up here in all seasons but I could do with the “mild” bit for a while as the politics has been a bit OTT for such a small place, but its not boring. cheers

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