A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

I wanted to see how things would settle down after the SEA course to see if emotions and thoughts would settle down, but no. The conversations I have over the last few days have confirmed to me the positive effect the course has had. While still having a vague grasp of realism I find that just about everything I am doing, the people I met and the situations I am in are all so positive. The only slight downside is the broken weather has meant that the prawns came off the menu today. That coupled with no squats means I am under a little pressure to get out fishing again. Last night at the Inn was simply jumping. Judith phoned to warn me to go up a little early as the evening was full of bookings and it was a busy night anyway with Gerry’s duathalon on during the day. Up till 8 pm it was every seat being used and we had to work out who was going to eat and at what speed. You work out that families with small kids are not going to hang around and you are going to get tables back for the bigger bookings roughly when they want them. Problem was that at 8 pm we had to find tables for 38 people who had booked but on top of that there were another 14 who had just walked in. Come 9.30 pm everyone was seated and had started their meals. Even when you are involved you sometimes wonder how it is done. There were only 4 people who walked out deciding that they could not wait to be seated. Every one who stayed could not have been more complimentary about everything. The food as usual was top drawer but the ambience was up there as every one was enjoying the atmosphere. Simply Applecross. Good to see a couple of mates over from Kyle and a good reminisce was had. A good dip into the last 30 years of stories and banter

Realising that lots of chats with staff and people are just so positive at the moment. Love Jess’s view on life. The oft used expression of “Awesome” sums it up. She was telling me today that when she was walking back from Sand a few weeks ago she realised she was smiling….she was content and enjoying life. I am sure customers pick up on that and it makes visiting Applecross even better. Any time you ask Steve “How’s it going?” Invariably he replies “Wonderful.” You cannot really go wrong with that. Talking about last night there are two different views on last night. Either it was too busy, over-traded, crushed and hard work or it was an experience with lots of people connecting, enjoying themselves and staff happy to look after them. I am of the second view. The same could be said for the Filling Station, it is either hassle when you have to keep rebooting it to keep it going or an opportunity to tell people about Applecross and the Community Company when you are there fixing it yet again. Reminded of the saying “two people can look at the same thing and see it differently”

Because I am so involved in the natural world I sense the coming of winter and feel autumn is well under way. Temperature has dropped and the weather has broken with Atlantic depressions are rolling in from the west bringing wind and spells of rain. Luckily the fishing is still holding up. Reading an article about the Arctic ice melt on saturday and there was a promise of a cold winter. London paper admittedly so does not mean much for up here. Ruariadh took this photo a couple of winters ago and it would be good to have some of this in a couple of months time.

Is it any wonder I like where I live.

The “signing” lunch took place without the signing part of the deal. So we had the Chair of the Trustees having lunch with the Chair of the Community Company to sign a lease and they just had lunch. Some things I just do not understand. That was going to be one of the few optimistic outcomes of our meeting on thursday. Staying positive and questioning why things are not moving forward with the Trust has to remain as part of our strategy while carrying out improvements to our infra structure will keep the Community Company in good light. There has to be a more positive meeting of minds.

Finishing on some light relief. Today at lunch I met with a Black and White Minstrel, Shirley Anne Lewis. For those too young to know what I am talking about this was a variety show around in the 60s/70s and would be considered dodgy nowadays.Only in the Inn, oh and her partner was understudy to David Essex when he was breaking into pantomime. It is an awesome and wonderful life.

Comments on: "“Awesome”,”Wonderful” and a Black and White Minstrel." (2)

  1. Pat Tyrrell said:

    Good for you Ali; sounds like the right balance. Am interested in all the development work in Applecross – would be great to catch up with you and Alison at some point soon.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Yes its been too long since we have seen you but that can be sorted easily enough. I think the company has come along at the last possible time as we are now down to 8 in school and after this year 6. Very few people are talking about this and I do not know why. The course was brilliant not least for the making of a number of new friends, always good to get out no matter how much you love a place.

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